A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

Cars are one of the most common dream symbols in developing/developed countries. In most places, cars and other motor vehicles are a part of daily lives. We rely on transportation to get us where we need or want to go. Our dependency on cars shapes our personal symbolism of them. A car can also represent our social persona or who we are to others, also known as our social image or our social status. The context of a car dream shows us how much power and control we have over our lives as well as how successful we are at moving from one stage of life to another.

Car Aspirants, do not worry, adsincab.com helps your dream come true!

Way back, when the digital advertising took started to take part in the pace of becoming a unique advertising media, then it was the time to sit and thought of to be the one in the open market to unlock a new horizon and emerge as the best ad service provides to product advertisers and clients. As a result “Asia International Advertisement & Retail Solution Pvt. Ltd” was founded in June 2011, when we recognized the opportunity to reach an upscale audience in more involving, entertaining and effective ways, using the most interactive, most appealing and approachable media of ads via touch screens installed in AC cabs in metro and non-metro cities.

It required a huge workout and infrastructure with latest technology and finally we came up with our first ever made project as “Adincabs” for AC cabs. Soon after the successful launch in other countries, we put a thought to launch the same campaign in India considering India as the biggest market with highest number of daily cab users in India every day.
India is no doubt, a market where we had been doing businesses for many years (with our different products including ecommerce and e-services) because of its rapid growth, size and innovative spirit and a targeted space for the best opportunity for a new company to grow an survive.

India's explosive growth in outdoor media is amongst the fastest in the world. It is driven by the difficulty of reaching affluent Indian consumers. This is a challenging market to reach anywhere, but particularly in India, because of the relatively low consumption of conventional media and the 'work hard, play hard' lifestyle which has people spending more time away from their living rooms.

Now we have come up with No EMI scheme to fulfill your dream for People who have always dreamed of owning a car but found EMI a big headache and heavy on the pocket can drive away in a brand new car without worrying about Car EMI’s.

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