You are welcome to our no EMI program. What you need is just to complete below mentioned 3 easy steps:

If you are a Driving License Holder, aspiring to have a NEW CAR for long then come and register with us on and get your new car EMI free for next 5 years. After you are registered online on our website, you will be contacted via email and phone by our sales team to congratulate you for giving us the opportunity to fulfill your dream.

Upon successful online registration,you will be given an appointment with our documents and credential team. At the time of this meeting submit all the required original documents advised by our sales team at the office. All original documents will be returned to you after credentialing.The Credential Analyst will then submit those documents for verification. Upon successful verification, the Credential verifying team will send you an email stating that you have met all the requirements along with further instructions. You need to follow the instructions and provide information requested along with the payment detail. Once the process is complete, CVT will send a confirmation of payment email to you. This email can then be given to your car agency confirming that you have met all the requirements and have fulfilled your credential. The official credential will be emailed to you within ten working days.

Note: The owner has to make 25 percent down-payment for the car and to ensure the average running per month should be 1,200 kilometers.

Once you agree to allow the advertising firm to display their advertisement on your car against the payment of your monthly car installment for three years (on loan duration of five years). Installation of ad stickers on your car is completed .
You can now drive your car freely without worrying monthly EMI. Your EMI is being paid by the advertisers against advertisement on your car.

NOTE: Once your contract expire after 5 years. We’ll remove our stick-on ads with absolutely no damage to your vehicle.