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Car Advertisement (Car Wrapping)

We all like the idea of money for nothing. So when someone offers to pay you to drive your own car, you can hardly refuse. Of course, you have to let them cover your car in advertising, but that's all. You simply get on with your life and take the cash

Wrapping process

The applications, finishes and overall looks of the advertisement on the vehicle are the most important parts of car advertising. Therefore we at use only the best in branding specialists which are highly skilled in the application process. They are trained with an attention to detail that ensures the special care of your vehicle during the application procedure. To ensure the application process goes smoothly a dust free, warm and well lit environment is preferred. We would therefore prefer it if the application process took place at the premises of our highly trained specialists. Once the advertisement contract comes to an end our specialists will remove the advertisement for you free of charge. This will restore your vehicle back to its original state.


This is a relatively new idea and the market is just developing thanks to a combination of technological advance and organic growth. The technology allows us to print onto vinyl sheets and wrap them around cars. Everyone will have seen taxis with this kind of advertising on them—we see the wrapping of privately owned cars as a natural extension of this.

Brand Visibility

We've probably all seen these cars on the highway. Indeed, you can hardly miss them with their startling colors and logos. And this is exactly why consumer companies are starting to take car advertising seriously. It is new, it is noticeable and it gets the brand to places where traditional media fail to reach—the residential street, the workplace, the school. On your trip to work you may pass a hundred posters. But if you see a wrapped car I'll wager that will be what you remember. Yes, it gets noticed because it is novel, but without a doubt it is an advertising medium that is here to stay.

Brand Ambassador

This kind of advertising brings the brand closer to consumers in a new way. There is a direct relationship established between the brand and the consumer. The brand is physically taken to places where it is not normally seen, like the supermarket or the gym. But the brand is also getting the endorsement of the consumer who drives the car. The car owner becomes a brand ambassador. That's probably the best sort of promotion a brand could want among the driver's like-minded friends, family and colleagues.”


Car Aspirants:
1. No EMI
2. Get paid to drive.
For Advertisers:
1. Cost effective.
2. Highest exposure.
3. Brand endorsement.
4. Highest Coverage.
5. New Customer base.

AIARS has now become a leading taxi media company. Our state of art 3G based touch screen technology to transform advertising effectiveness for its clients has made us popular amongst the big players in the market. Now we grow every day by making the advertising experience more involving, more interactive for our consumers and clients.
On the forth, our prime focus is set to install interactive touch screen system for headrests in taxis. Passenger Taxis offer a unique opportunity to capture a highly desirable, affluent demographic, when they have little else to do but sit back and be entertained or informed.

Conventional media to corporate media

It’s now time to teleport from conventional media to largely spread ad network media. There is contrast between Conventional media and current media of advertisement as the conventional media platform has limited capacity to finely target an audience.
Advertisers seeking the top tier of consumers, say the upper 20% by family income. For most conventional media (TV, print, traditional outdoor) this is a difficult audience to concentrate and avoid wastage (reach of people not inside the target audience.)
Further, conventional media, with virtually no interactivity, have low involvement and only limited choice compared to interactive media, hence awareness and recall scores are much lower. As a result, response rates are often small, even when millions are spent on expensive campaigns.

AD Screen

AIARS's interactive system is touch-sensitive, color LCD screen installed in the back of the taxicab headrest. The AIARS system creates dialogues between advertisers and consumers by providing entertainment, information and unique interactive experiences. It can also be coupled with SMS/MMS technology or we can collect email addresses or telephone numbers to gain further information. We can also drive sales response with mobile couponing and downloads.

Video Theatre

Integration Advertising and Softer Promotional stuff
There are multiple sections or advertising for cab ads. The interactive touch screen is divided into two sections. The Theatre comprises a video loop, corresponding approximately to the length of the average taxi ride in our cities, so the passenger will see all of the content on the loop during their trip.

Video Content

1. Paid television commercials.
2. Soft promotional material (because viewers tune out over time if it is purely hard advertising)
3. Lucrative schemes and promotions.

Consumers are at liberty to choose what interest them:

All screens have touchable icons for interactions, pressing these icons will lead to corresponding interactive flash program. The first is usually a guide to what's happening in the local city and the last is always a volume/on-off control. Features include the following:
1. Giving consumers choice and control is fundamental to our business model.
2. No aim to "push" a specific ad on the viewer, but to let them select what is of interest.
3. The range of material from which to choose. Our experience has shown that this dramatically raises the level of consumer use and involvement.
4. Faxable and Customized for Client and Consumer Needs.

Poster Framing

Growth and number of taxi ads can target a huge area and can be deployed limitlessly. Taxi advertising can reach huge numbers of people, who tend to be adult, white collar and affluent. Sitting in a taxi for an average of 20 to 40 minutes they often have nothing to do to amuse them and then advertising will serve a purpose to them all. Often! Research shows recall of the advertising is very high which one see for an average of 25 minutes and alternatively a large percentage respond to ads.

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