We all like the idea of money for nothing. So when someone offers to pay you to drive your own car, you can hardly refuse. Of course, you have to let them cover your car in advertising, but that's all. You simply get on with your life and take the cash

This is a relatively new idea and the market is just developing thanks to a combination of technological advance and organic growth. The technology allows us to print onto vinyl sheets and wrap them around cars. Everyone will have seen taxiswith this kind of advertising on them—we see the wrapping of privately owned cars as a natural extension of this.

We've probably all seen these cars on the highway. Indeed, you can hardly miss them with their startling colors and logos. And this is exactly why consumer companies are starting to take car advertising seriously. It is new, it is noticeable and it gets the brand to places where traditional media fail to reach—the residential street, the workplace, the school. On your trip to work you may pass a hundred posters. But if you see a wrapped car I'll wager that will be what you remember. Yes, it gets noticed because it is novel, but without a doubt it is an advertising medium that is here to stay.

This kind of advertising brings the brand closer to consumers in a new way. There is a direct relationship established between the brand and the consumer. The brand is physically taken to places where it is not normally seen, like the supermarket or the gym. But the brand is also getting the endorsement of the consumer who drives the car. The car owner becomes a brand ambassador. That's probably the best sort of promotion a brand could want among the driver's like-minded friends, family and colleagues.

For Car Aspirants:

  • No EMI
  • Get paid to drive.

For Advertisers:

  • Cost effective.
  • Highest exposure.
  • Brand endorsement.
  • Highest Coverage.
  • New Customer base.