Ads on Wheels Offer More Targeted, More Effective and Precisely Measurable new medium of advertising.

It aims to transform advertising models and channelize it for a huge market by giving its clients dramatically improved Returns on Investments made on their advertising budgets, through: 1. More focussed viewership.
2. More awareness.
3. Recall and responses are achieved by interactivity.
4. Precise measurability
5. Monopoly in the market.

Underlying this strategy it is assumed that such ways of advertisements will be of great fun and importance for both the advertisers and the viewers. It is truly interesting and engaging for consumers, using the same types of games, quizzes, product demonstrations and reference materials they normally seek out for entertainment or information. Ads on wheels would hail the opportunity to all to pass time with ease of travelling to destination with amusement and information.

In India, AIARS targets to put over 4 Lakh poster frames in Passenger taxis. It will be fixed to the rear side of the front seat to make it easily readable. This would indeed be a non ignorable approach to all backseat passengers.

The ad posters are 316 X 179mm, making them an ideal size for showing photographs and providing extensive copy details.

Network Proposal

In order to expand, we are inviting proposal from investors who are willing to Buy Tab and Place in Cab. Return on Investment proposal is readily available in our market plan.