On wheels advertising via interactive screens placed in front of passengers in AC cabs has never been in trend in India. However, increasing demand of advertising has caught the attention of many advertisers to target the AC CAB Ads as a unique source. What can be a best way to grab consumers and to reach out to busy executives and HNI’s and Ultra HNI’s (High Net worth Individuals) with ease? If we consider the start point, most of these cabs start from the airport and thus chances for branding the product in cabs increases. Ads in cab during the travel will play entertainment programs (news, sports, maps etc.) as well as showcase your message. This is how the advertisement will reach out to a new sphere of product advertising & thus building a brand.

Cabs use high end 3G enabled systems. Ads are displayed using the 3G technology to smoothen the transmission.

Male - 70% and Female - 30%
High Net worth Individuals: 98%
Income Average - Rs. 65,000
Age factor: 20-45
People type: Frequent fliers, Businessmen, Top and middle level executives and Tourists
Consumption pattern: Consumers of premium and luxury products

This type of advertising exploits the fact that a person’s mind is in a non-engaged state while travelling; his mind either has a preoccupation or just blank thoughts. At this time, if he is shown content which is pleasing to the eye and caters to any area of his inquiry or interest, it is quite a task for him to tear his focus away from it. One such example to be cited here is a person travelling from an airport to a destination in a taxi; his mind is idle and fazed. Why don’t we try to help him out? Advertisements on hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, resorts, jewellers to name a few will be appealing for him.
According to human behaviour science, it’s been calculated that anything which a person views for 40 minutes gets stamped to the memory and is difficult to forget.

Confined viewers : Averagely a trips covers 50 miles and gives ability to reach a person who is on the shift and usually considered TV media dark
Interactive : Interactive ads with redirecting URLS enabling the customer to get more information on the brand
Interested : Passenger seeks engagements to avoid monotony while travelling.
Personal : Positioned in a clutter free environment
Formats : N number of Media formats such as simple text, videos, banners,
flash etc. :  
Zero wastage : Auto start playing ads only when the meter is switched on.

More than2000 AC cabs in Delhi, outside Delhi Airport, Terminal 3
Around 4000 cabs in Mumbai, around the city