Reach out to your TG through interactive screens placed in front of passengers in AC cabs. This has never been done before in India. However, screens are now getting cheaper and the right hardware is making it possible for these tabs to be present inside AC cabs. It's a very good way to reach out to busy executives and SEC A/A+ consumers who are usually considered media dark since they are usually short of time. Most of these cabs start from the airport. These screens will play entertainment programs (news, sports, maps etc.) as well as showcase your message.

AC cabs in Delhi and Mumbai will have screens attached on the front seat's head rest. This screen is 3G enabled and interactive.

Gender: Male - 70% and Female - 30%
SEC A: 98%
Income: Average monthly salary - Rs. 65,000
Age group: 20-45
Customer type: Frequent fliers, Businessmen, Top and middle level executives and Tourists
Consumption pattern: Consumers of premium and luxury products

Focused TG: 98% SEC A customers, affluent, middle to high class professionals (most of cabs run from airports)
Captive audience: An average trip of 50 minutes and ability to reach a person who is on the move and usually considered TV media dark
Interactive: The ads shown are linked to the URL of the advertiser thus enabling the customer to get more information on the brand
Receptive: TG is looking for engagements to avoid boredom
Personal: Positioned close to TG in a clutter free environment
Targeted: Niche SEC. Location based targeting. Time based.
Measurable: Interactive screen to measure response
Multiple formats: Plenty of media formats to choose from (simple text, videos, banners, flash etc.)
Zero wastage: The ads start playing only when the meter is switched on

850 mega AC cabs in Delhi, outside Delhi Airport, Terminal 3
100 cabs in Mumbai, around the city
10 viira cabs in Mumbai (women only AC cabs), around the city

90 second video ads (available to only 1 brand in a month)
30 second video ads (available to only 5 brands in a month)
Flash based ads, linking your ad to your website/mini-site (available to only 12 brands in a month) Reach in Mega cabs
850 cabs
8 trips on an average per day
1.8 passengers per trip on an average
~ 367,000 passengers per month (850 cabs x 8 trip x 1.8 passengers/trip x 30 days)